Racergirl Television Episode 11: Cooking with Mel

For this TV Tuesday, I decided to demonstrate a healthy recipe that you may enjoy.


First, however, I decided to rant.  I have created this table to illustrate my point that there is a continuum of deliciousness that goes past health food into the divine…. and sometimes you have to eat things that aren’t 100% responsible to your body in order to enjoy every awesome thing in life. In moderation.

You should try to stay above the bottom end of this deliciousness scale even while eating healthful foods which means avoiding your British relative’s cooking most of the time.


McQuaid Scale of RPD: Rate of Perceived Deliciousness (1-10 increasing delightfulness)

0 Tree bark; old bread with mold on it; anything made in the UK other than curry*

0.5 Very, very weak effort: burnt vegetables, overcooked and soggy vegetables, fast food ie most of the menu at Tim Hortons and McDonalds


2 Weak effort: prison food; quinoa in its natural potential

3 Moderately tasty: toast with almond butter; romaine lettuce; apples

4 Somewhat good: steamed vegetables at tender crisp with cheese sauce or nice seasoning; stir fries; fruit salad

5 Strong effort: quinoa with delicious accoutrements, thin crust pizzas that are not drowning in toppings.

6 Many fancy cheeses.

7 Very strong effort: pad thai; curries from Vij’s in Vancouver; lobster bisque; sushi from Sushi Paradise in Maui,bacon salad at Brasserie l’Ecole.

8 Very, very strong effort: Polenta cubes at Ulla Restaurant, fresh margaritas with fruit handmade on the beach with a muddling stick, homemade grammas cookies straight out of the oven on a cold day.


10 Very, very strong effort = TO DIE FOR:   30 year barolos from Northern Italy, Neuhaus chocolates from Belgium, any 100 pt wine, very old Gouda cheese from the Dutch store on Quadra, sausages made by Eddie out in Sooke, purportedly some banana bread in Vancouver (which I cannot confirm or deny but does contain Belgian chocolate so could be a contender).



So ponder that.  On with the show.

* With this I am calling out my UK teammates Julie Dibens and Lesley Paterson.  I thought it would be nice to have a little team cooking competition at some point this year.  Lesley will likely make something with a pint of oxblood (revoltingly Scottish ingredient) and Julie will just burn the hell out of whatever she puts on the stove like any good British housewife so likely this will be an easy win.  You girls in?

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Racergirl Television Episode 10: Shit Triathletes Say

It was just too easy to do one of these given the online frenzy of homages to the “Shit Girls Say” video. So here is mine as this week’s installment of Racergirl TV.


I had fun with this but now that I have done it there are so many more that I would add and so many things I would do differently. However, the naming of the bikes is the first on the list because after MANY years of bike racing, it was only when I came into triathlon that I even HEARD of naming your bike something other than the manufacturer chose for you :).

Also, I totally appreciate all the fun ideas for new episodes. Please SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/racergirlmel?feature=mhee. Thanks for watching!!

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Coach Mel: Improving Flexibility Through Strength

I wrote this article for Triathlete Magazine a while back.  I have been advocating a lot of strength work lately for my athletes so this article may be food for thought for a lot of you building your 2012 programs.  Enjoy!

In order to be a good triathlete, an athlete needs to have strength, speed and endurance.  When an athlete chooses to race off road, it would be beneficial for that athlete to have agility as well.  Agility is a combination of coordination, flexibility, power and speed that would allow a trail racer to pick their way through technical terrain quickly and efficiently.  What many athletes are missing when they move to off road racing is adequate flexibility to allow them to stay loose while reacting to terrain.  CLICK READ MORE FOR THE REST

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Racergirl Television Episode 9: Running the WIld Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

Welcome to another Tuesday and another episode of Racergirl Television.


Today’s video will give you a glimpse into the beauty on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  I tried to run the 8.4km Wild Pacific Trail with my GoPro HD2 and the chesty mount but when I finished the almost 2h run and looked at the video I realized that the chesty mount is fantastic but my running is too bouncy.  The chesty is perfect for mountain biking but for running you have to have yourself in the video for the stabilization to work.  Learning as I go along! Sadly the “story” of the trail was lost because it was bouncy.

Regardless you can see how gorgeous the coastline is and I think any athletic person would love to give the trail a go.  You could do it with your offroad strollers etc but it would be a MASSIVE workout to run that way because it is super hilly.

You can see what we want to protect in British Columbia from the risk of an oil spill disaster like what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. This is just a tiny glimpse of what we have. Please sign this petition:


To ensure that our insane government is never allowed to go ahead and risk this kind of natural beauty for a small number of years of oil profit. We all need to try to do our part to encourage movement away from oil and definitely not risk our natural environment because of it.


Enjoy the show

Racergirl Television Episode 8 : The Flat Changing Contest

Welcome to another Tuesday! Time for another episode of Racergirl Television.

Our latest episode of Racergirl Television is a fun offseason competition but could also be a useful practice session for anyone. When was the last time you tried using an air canister like a Genuine Innovations Big Air to change a tube? Those Big Airs and little cartridges don’t last forever so use your old ones to challenge your friends to a contest and time yourselves. Each second is one you have lost in a race!

My last practice session was unhappily on the side of the road at the Lake Stevens 70.3 but since I had not practiced with a disc wheel I forgot all about the little adaptor you need to put air in it! That little adaptor was not useful to me in the transition area rather than on my bike. These DETAILS are what you need to take care of before race day so imagining the entire scenario and practicing it is a good idea. This little contest can help.

I did win a flat changing contest a million years ago in Canmore at the World Cup. However, that was a mountain bike wheel with tubes in it which indicates how far back in ancient history that was. This latest go around? You’ll have to watch to see how it went.

Enjoy the show!

Racergirl Television Episode 7: The Banana Bread Championship

 On this regular Tuesday episode of Racergirl Television we had a guest star or three.

My training partners and I decided to settle the debate as to “who makes the best banana bread” by holding a bake-off.  We chose Jack Knox as our judge and on a rainy night in Esquimalt, the champion was crowned.

You will have to watch the video to see who won.


As promised, I am going to publish the recipes used to bake the champion-level breads.

First is Jamie Cameron’s:


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