Racergirl Television: Setting Your Season Goals

This episode will help you to set your goals for the 2012 race season.

Start with your OUTCOME Goals and then decide your PROCESS goals.

Make your goals measurable, challenging, realistic, and personal.

Hope you like the show. All shot with the GoPro Hero HD2 www.gopro.com

All I Want For Christmas Is To Train In Italy

Melanie McQuaid and Fawcett & Company Cycling Expeditions Offer First Mountain Bike Specific Training Camp to XTERRA racers and Multi Day Mountain Bike Racing Participants


The first ever OFF ROAD training camp has been dreamed up and tested just in time for the 2012 season.  Looking for a way to put some miles in but have it be SPECIFIC to off road racing?  We have the tour for you which will fulfill your training objectives while ticking a box in your bucket list of lifetime adventures.  Tuscany, Italy will be the location of this incredible adventure.

Tour Overview

Fawcett & Company Cycling Expeditions is excited to offer an amazing 9-day mountain bike training tour from Rome to Florence. 3-Time Xterra World Champion, Melanie McQuaid will be our guest guide. There will be swim and run options throughout the tour.

Learn the MelRad Racing philosophy of training with coach and pro athlete, Melanie McQuaid while experiencing Tuscany – one of the most beautiful and history-rich areas of the world.

The 2012 tour will begin 2 days after Xterra Italy (www.xterraitaly.it) which takes place in Olbia on Sardinia, May 27th.

Participants on our tour will meet on the evening of May 28th in Rome at the tour hotel. We will start riding on May 29th. The tour will end on June 6th in Florence. The tour will be fully-supported with guides and vehicles.

Meals and accommodations are included in the price of the tour. We will be supported by our partners, Progetto Avventura of Italy.

Ride Overview

Our ride starts next to the Colosseum in the heart of Rome and concludes in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

This ride will incorporate ancient trails including Via Francigena – the pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome, forest roads, mountain biking trails, low-traffic secondary and unpaved gravel roads including the Strada Bianca or White Road, which criss-crosses Tuscany and passes through the most breathtaking scenery in the region.

The accommodations are a mixture of local farm-stays and small hotels. Tuscany is home to the Slow Food Movement and all of the food and wine provided is produced and prepared locally. e most challenging aspect of this ride is the cumulative climbing with an average 1,500 meters of climbing per day.

Participant Profile

This ride is designed to be challenging. Riders should be comfortable cycling off-road on mountain bikes for between 4-7 hours per day. This has been designed for XTERRA athletes with running and/or swimming options at the end of each day’s ride. However, pure mountain bikers are encouraged to join as well.  There is also a Companion Program which will feature visits to local points of interest – please contact us for details.



Price: $3,350 CAD$ per person Size: Between 7 – 16 riders


  • 9 days of training
  • Meals, snacks and water during those 9 days
  • 10 nights of accommodation (starting May 28)
  • Vehicle support and luggage transportation
  • Professional bike guides and drivers
  • Training tips from 3-Time XTERRA World Champion Melanie McQuaid

Does Not Include:

  • Flights (and baggage fees)
  • Services, transportation, food or accommodation before May 29 and after June 6
  • Meals on May 28 (arrival day)
  • Additional drinks or services at accommodations (you are on your own if you are REALLY partying)
  • Gratuities
  • Everything not explicitly listed under “includes”

Registration Procedure:

Procure and return completed registration form: chris AT fawcettexpeditions DOT com

Make a transfer of CAD$ 500 to secure your spot. Places will be reserved in the order of deposits received.

Minimum of 7 riders, maximum of 16.

Receive confirmation of registration e-mail from Fawcett & Co.

Send remaining balance of the tour cost at least 45 days before the start of the tour

Receive final confirmation e-mail from Fawcett & Co.





Racergirl Television: 12 Days of Xmas Spin

This workout was designed for a 1 hour spin class on a Powerbeam or a Cycleops fluid trainer. Ideally you have cadence at minimum…. this workout did not incorporate watts.


I also coach a group at Catalyst on Monday nights on spin bikes where we incorporated standing drills instead of cadence since those bikes do not have cadence.


If you are diabolical and want a LONG workout.. you can do this as traditionally the 12 days of Christmas works where you repeat each previous action on the list as you move from one to twelve:

ie 1st day,  2nd + 1st day,  3rd+2nd+1st day……until you get to 12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1

However, that will be a 2 hour workout not including the core exercises which will be astonishingly difficult if you do them that many times.  Not how this was intended.  We did this once straight through in my 60 minute spin class. But, fill your boots if so inclined.

I also tested Christmas music in my Monday class and it was a #fail.  Christmas music only makes you want to stuff yourself with sugary treats, sip creamy alcoholic beverages in the afternoon and sit on a couch reminiscing.  It doesn’t inspire effort and suffering.  Rock out, people!

All of the exercises are demonstrated in the Racergirl TV clip in this post if you aren’t sure of any of the exercises.



1st day of Christmas:

1x 1′ spin(actually you want to warmup for 10′ or so but if you are doing the 12 days of xmas for 2hours I figured 5′ easy wasn’t worth having here)

2nd day of Christmas:

2x (30 seconds spinup to max cadence/30 seconds easy)

3rd day of Christmas:

3x 30seconds of plank position alternating left side/front/right side

4th day of Christmas:

4x 10 rpm increases/minute (start at 100 for 1 minute then 110/120/130rpm)

5th day of Christmas:

5x 10seconds of plank hops with 5 seconds rest

6th day of Christmas:

6x 1minute alternating single/double leg pedaling

7th day of Christmas:

7x10s (70s) of pushup/knee to elbow

8th day of Christmas:

8x 1minute alternating 60rpm big gear/100rpm easy gear

9th day of Christmas:

9x10s (90s) of running man plank position

10th day of Christmas:

10 minutes as 90/100/110/120/130/130/120/110/100/90 rpm

11th day of Christmas:

11x plank hip thrusts/side

12th day of Christmas:

12x 20 seconds accelerating an easy gear to high cadence/40seconds  easy


Cool down

Merry Christmas!



Racergirl Television: Barista Challenge With Simon Whitfield

I had the opportunity to sit down with Simon and talk a little bit about life before we went head to head in our Procity Barista Challenge. I had a few tricks up my sleeve just to ensure my entry was of a high enough quality to win ;). Fun times with a fun person. Enjoy the show!

I really do need to address my audio challenges and I am working on that. Otherwise, there will be weekly webisodes for you to enjoy. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified when I update or else “like” me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/melmcquaid for the notifications. Any suggestions/requests are more than welcome on my Page and here on the site.

2011 XTERRA 21km Trail Run Worlds and Changes

A bit of a lengthy delay from that last event…which was on the island of Oahu at the fantastically beautiful Kualoa Ranch.  I went to race the 21km trail run Worlds for my third year.  I was slow.. potentially my slowest ever?  Not sure but here we are. I was fifth and after consulting the start list before the event that was going to be the best case scenario result for sure so I am stoked about that.  However, my actual race day execution was lackluster at best and pretty poor upon reflection.  I started, shot backwards through the field feeling hot, sweaty and sorry for myself for about 6 miles.  Then I pulled my head out of my ass and ran to my ability on that day and passed back a few girls to come fifth which was a great result given it was a sold out field but I was FAR behind.  I would never have been able to challenge the two deer at the front, both Morgan and Lucy were in a league of their own and Heather and Cindy were in a league above myself.  I battled hard with the girls near me at the end of the race and gave it everything I had.  Only, I just don’t have another gear for racing anymore.  Sadly, I just didn’t really CARE.  That, folks, is when you know it is time to shut it down.

I have no competitive fire left for 2011.  I am spent and am in recharging mode to start the 2012 season at full gas.  I spent a day riding the Pali/Tantalus loop and enjoyed a couple days on the beach with my little buddy.  We had long discussions about life, goals, aspirations and worms.  I think he was really mostly into my banana bread but I can’t be sure.


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