XTERRA National Championships… three down, one to go!

With another win at the USA National XTERRA Championships I can claim the European, Canadian and now the US Championships titles, all in one season.  That in itself is a first for me in my career and feels pretty good.  The only way to make it sweeter is to add a Worlds title to the mix. 

Everything I have done in the last ten weeks has been with that in mind.

I was absolutely ready to race on Saturday at Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah.  The weather, scenery and company for racing was fantastic!  I summoned every stubborn bone in my body to suffer in order to take a win.  I did not have a 100% day but I did have 100% motivation to make it happen.  It has been a long time since I have been able to bring this much mojo to a race late in the season and I really wanted it, bad.  So I went out there guns blazing to take it.  It was a hard day but a great day!… READ MORE


Photos by Eric Wynn/XTERRA


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A Day In Park City




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Nationals promo in XTERRA Magazine

What all the fuss is about…..



More Photos From XTERRA Canada

Revolve Photo (www.revolvephoto.ca) got a couple of cool images I thought I would share:


Sketchy stuff

Less sketchy but cool stuff

The Podium with our big checks!




Annual Altitude Adventure and the Fall Classic

I am back in Vail, Colorado for my annual “Get yer lungs in shape” altitude acclimatization block for the US XTERRA Nationals which will be on September 25th at Snowbasin.  My friend Kevin and I have a good deal going.  He lets me stay in his Vail palace on the golf course and I in turn make sure he eats a year’s worth of vegetables and greens during my stay.  Not a bad trade, especially for me given I just cook what I like to eat and he pretends to like most of it.  Ross decided to come for part of this trip because he is not a dummy… Vail house on the golf course in sunny September, anyone?  So for now I have Kevin and RT entertaining me while Jacky doles out the heinous training program that is making me lie down on the floor in the middle of the day due to maximal hypoxia.  Fun fun.  Track workouts at 8,150 anyone?  Thanks to Ingrid Middaugh for coming to help me get through it!  (there is a lot of running talent in the Middaugh household).


Running with Ingrid on the track in Eagle.

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Jeremy Sayers XTERRA Canada Highlights Video

Look for Ross at 5:58 Laughing .  In the end I am quoted somewhat out of context but what I meant at the end of the video is any triathlete that has the skills and fitness to do XTERRA Canada doesn’t need to prove anything else.  To do XTERRA requires a well rounded skill set so if you are done with the ultra long stuff… come on over to XTERRA where we have a solid challenge for you.  The sport of XTERRA has some phenomenal athletes in it and I am proud we finally have a great event in Canada to find more of them!

XTERRA Canada 2010: The Nationals

Dear Canadian Triathletes:  After a decade’s hiatus, the most challenging, spectacular and exhilarating triathlon event is back to rock your world and better than ever!

It has been a full 10 years since my first XTERRA race- which happened to be in wild and wonderful Whistler, BC.  My inauspicious beginning was a sixth place after catapulting backwards on the run but my love of the sport was confirmed for life.  This year I earned another National XTERRA title with the win at the La Terra XTERRA Canadian National Championships at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler.   With the fastest bike and run splits I took the win with Christine Jeffrey in second, Danelle Kabush in third, Joanna Harrington fourth and Tanis Tomlin rounding the podium in fifth.   There now is no contest as to what my favorite course is in the world.. although Whistler is now tied with Italy and Maui as my favorite venues the course at Creekside is definitely the best course I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Who is the hot MelRad dude waving?  (Ross and Kerry won the relay division)

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A few more Alcatraz photos

Brightroom sent me a few more cool photos to give you an idea of what the San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz is like….


Ripping through Robin Williams’ neighborhood

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