Starting The 2010 Season in Sin City

The XTERRA USA Championships tour kicked off this past weekend in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada.  A star studded cast of XTERRA pro athletes and a big contingent of new and returning age group overall championship hopefuls toed the line at Lake Las Vegas to compete in the opening round at 8:30am Sunday morning.  After the considerable amount of dust settled, Shonny Vanlandingham showed that she is in superior fighting form as I settled for second place before Lesley Paterson, Christine Jeffrey and Marie Gerspacher filled out the podium.  Notable were the three CANADIANs on the podium (me, Christine and Marie) so when Danelle comes back maybe we can continue the takeover!  Similar to last year at this same event, I found my form a little soft for our first race of the season – only this time I couldn’t hold Shonny off on the run.  Instead,  I ended up running in on fumes after a heat induced detonation.  The podium was a star studded cast, so I can certainly be happy with a runner up position on the day and congrats to Shonny for having a really great race!  I decided in Hawaii last year to gear training towards the fitness requirements and schedule dictated by the Maui World Championships at the end of October and without the best form possible, the top rung of the podium is out of reach.  Although I am happy with my progress so far I can’t really be satisfied with that with any hopes of winning the series! 

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2010 Sea Otter Classic

Back on the road following the athletic circus again… so great!  This year we travelled to Monterey, California for the Sea Otter Classic Bike Event and were greeted with the most amazing weather we have ever seen at this event.  Sunny, around 16-20 degrees Celsius.. it was gorgeous.  This year I can’t call it the Ocean Weasel.  I had a great time.

Specialized was fielding the mountain bike team to beat.  Between the stacked boys team of Christophe, Todd, and Burry and Lene leading the women’s team with her silver medal from 2009 Worlds fresh in everyone’s memory.. the Big Red S was rocking.  The team also included myself, Rebecca Rusch (endurance Queen and Leadville 2009 Champ) and Conrad… so we had a complement of endurance types leading rides, signing posters and hanging around spreading the stoke.  It was really fun and I am glad I could come.  I had not intended to include this race this year as my whole plan was for a late, late start of good fitness so I came here worried that I was not ready….


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