A Mulligan, Please?

Wow. What a spectacular day! There were three truly outstanding performances on Sunday. Julie for defending her title, Danelle Kabush of Canada for her best finish ever at a World Championships finishing second and Shonny Vanlandingham for holding it together for third place when she sprained her ankle just last week. Oh and there was one other spectacular performance.. my astonishingly horrible day as I catapulted backwards through the field before being hauled off the course in a truck.

It still stings. I can’t remember the last time I had a DNF at XTERRA, let alone the World Championships, and after such a run up I am struggling trying not to be mad and bitter about it. I mean, I nailed it at nearly EVERY race this season. I won the Nationals blowing the course record off the map, I won a complement of races to set myself up for the Overall series win, I won the Canadian nationals, I won some mountain bike races, I set some PRs in run races and I even won a non drafting road triathlon, setting a course record overall and on the bike. I felt good all the way up to the pre race dinner. I was confident in my form which has steadily gotten better and better this year, so my expectations for the race were very high….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE

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Custom Whips – Procity Style

So World Champs is the place to show off your best form and your coolest stuff. This year I went back and forth with the hardtail versus dual suspension debate. My BMC Fourstroke 01 is light, fast and agile in the technical stuff. My BMC Team Elite is lighter, faster uphill and has two bottle cages. So in the end I went with the hardtail.

Last year the course here on Maui was basically a dirt road race. They had graded the road so I expected the times for the bike to be WAY faster than ever before. I am still hoping for it to rain but if it doesn’t, I still don’t expect the course to be as rough and slow as in 2006. That said, I rode a hardtail in 2006 to a very fast time and plan to ride a hardtail this year to an even faster one.

So I went to Troy at Procity ( http://www.procitytrek.com) and said the hardtail was the choice, lets rock it up.

And WOW, did he ever! Some of the details on this bike are merely cosmetic but in the end he took another half pound off my bike and made it just a little more scary fast. All told I am more than a pound lighter…just off the bike. Those in the know know how much lighter in total Mel plus bike will be this year.

Now this is only important because in this race there are elements that must NOT be light… so those that can be… MUST BE.

Here are some taster pictures…read more to see more…and a full accounting of what I am going to ride this year at Worlds.



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Obviously this contest will end on SUNDAY… but if you are closest guessing my time for the XTERRA World Championships (to the second..) you will WIN!!!

I will be more clear… the person who guesses my FINISHING TOTAL TIME for the race on Sunday is going to win this year’s contest.

What do you win, you say?????

An oh so skeezy custom Pactimo Maui Mel edition short sleeved cycling jersey AND a matching custom signed version of the very trisuit I am sporting at the World Championships this year. There are only TWO of these things in the whole world. ONE for Mel to wear for the television coverage of this year’s event and ONE for the winner of this contest.

This lovely outfit comes complete with Mel’s signature and a matching jersey… aloha!

You must be a registered user to win as you ENTER by posting a COMMENT on this blog. REGISTER TODAY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!!!

Do your research…..check the weather network…. and expect some fast racing!

The contest will end at 9am Hawaii time on Sunday… as soon as the race starts. The webmaster is going to post a comment at race start so if you don’t get your time in before that…yer outta luck. Also, if you guess a time that someone has already guessed… the first post will win. You might need to go through the list to decide your strategy.

Here is the small print: In the event of a tie… that is, two people are EXACTLY the same time from my actual time….naturally the faster time is going to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

Awesome Weekend of Training and Check out the 2009 Coaching Program in the Top Menu

Over the past few months I have been fielding requests for coaching through my website. YES, I am going to take on new athletes for 2009. The intake will be NOVEMBER as I use this as the transition/build a program month. It takes some time to develop a program for an athlete and some tweaking so I find starting programs in Nov/Dec is the only option for my athletes. If you are interested in being coached by me please contact me through the site. I will let you know fees etc when I get back to you. I am hoping to put together a team of athletes I coach so hopefully my sponsorship plan will work out as well!

As for training, this past weekend kicked butt. My butt that is….

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Racergirl Television Episode ONE

Episode ONE is now available for viewing!

As we tried to convey in the trailer, Racergirl Television is going to be about more than XTERRA. It is going to be a show about anything and everything triathlon and cycling. As I attend a number of events and training camps for both triathlon and cycling, I thought I could get a good variety of information from all of them for you to enjoy. Our first episode, however, coincided with the XTERRA National Championships in Tahoe. Originally this show was going to be a guided tour of the bike course. Then we lost a bunch of the video, ha! So it changed to more of a documentary of what I was thinking and doing before I did the race.

I love all of the feedback I have been getting. Please keep it coming! I am making these videos for you to enjoy so if you like it or hate it, let me know.

Click on “Read More” to turn the page and see the show. Thanks for watching!


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2008 XTERRA USA Championships, Lake Tahoe NV

Photo by Nils Nilsen

This was definitely my year at the US Championships. Not only did I execute a nearly perfect race despite an annoying little mechanical, I also shaved over three minutes off the course record despite a longer run course. With the win this year at the Championships in Incline Village, Nevada I took the series overall with a perfect score. However, my elation in putting all of it together was tempered with regret. Regret that I couldn’t have Jamie Whitmore on the start line that day to validate my efforts. I have come to the Nationals in either first or second in the overall XTERRA Professional Tour ready for a showdown for six years in a row. It was heartbreaking to not continue the tradition when my favorite rival has been taken out of the game by cancer. Cancer sucks.

The whole weekend was pretty emotional. I tried my hardest to say something about the incredible international field that made the women’s podium so tough to crack and instead broke down in tears first mentioning my appreciation for the battles with Jamie. Obviously I will also never be President of the United States (a la Hilary Clinton). It was a spectacular field this year in Tahoe with some Olympians joining the party and the top European XTERRA girls hopping across the pond to race. I definitely had to put on a good show as two of us cracked three hours and I am so happy to have had a great performance in Tahoe to erase the crappy memories of last year.

I have been writing about my training throughout the three weeks I have been here so it is no secret how much time and effort I put into getting this done. I was here very early and I did more laps on the course than ever before. I am also much fitter than I have ever been in the past. I could tell last week how much fitter given how much stronger I was able to finish the top part of the course at 8700 feet. My running came around in the days leading up to the race so before the weekend of the race I knew I was ready. Of course, the night before I still started panicking about doing something stupid. Ross had to talk me off the ledge I was so irrational. I have a hard time being confident at altitude so Ross was certainly helpful in pointing out what a beating he had to endure to ride with me before the race. That made me feel better. Ha! On to the race…

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RACERGIRL Television – Coming Soon!

Racergirl Television is about to go LIVE!!

Our first episode will be aired on October 13th. We are in Lake Tahoe right now getting ready for the most exciting XTERRA USA National Championships ever – and will give you an insider’s perspective of this race in our first episode. Sneak peeks at the course, some tips from the top pros and a view of the television production.. all here for your enjoyment.

We welcome requests for future episodes and all input in the comments and forum section of the website.. but you must register to post. All registered users will also be treated to a sneak preview of the show BEFORE October 13th so register HERE to be included.

So without futher delay, here is your teaser preview of RACERGIRL Television: