Layeth The Smacketh Down

That is the plan for the next six weeks. This Thursday I leave for a long trip that will include some Southern Barbeque, some Civil War statues, some bad English weather punctuated by hilarious jokes from Ross’ uncles, some delicious Czech pizza (yes, Czech pizza tastes good because of the beer) and some nice French wine down by the Mediterranean. I am pretty stoked already. This past weekend was all about adding the last dash of spice to my training soup, with some intergalactic heart rates and record setting times….

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Happy Birthday To Me – A Win To Kickoff the 2008 XTERRA Season!

Every year the first race of the XTERRA USA Championships season is my birthday week. This year, my birthday was the day before the race and I was lucky to have lots of birthday and good luck wishes to propel me to a win under very trying circumstances. Although I have won a lot of these races it still amazes me how sometimes it is just everything you can do to finish and you just stop thinking about your competition even though you are en route to a great performance. This year the West Championships at Vail Lake in Temecula, California was a classic XTERRA challenge where everything went wrong and Mother Nature threw in her wrath to make it epic and exhilarating to conquer Race #1 in the series. Read on for the story…


©2008 Nils Nilsen/XTERRA

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Get to know Ross a little…

I bet some people are wondering about the "Ross" I keep talking about.. yeah, that guy that sandbags on long rides, dropping a half wheel behind to draft only to unleash a furious sprint just before the imaginary line .

He was recently interviewed by Meade Design Group. You can read the interview HERE.

10 Days Off

Then seven days of antibiotics. This was the sickest I have been in a long, long time! That is what it took to heal the bronchitis and asthma symptoms I have been dealing with since Sea Otter. I have one more antibiotic pill to take and then I will be clear to go racing – just in time to ramp it up for Temecula.

I bet this was the best possible thing that could have happened….

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