The Plague

The Plague is what I caught on the way home from Sea Otter. Well, maybe not the real plague because I think the real "Plague" of medieval times was some kind of pox, which I don’t have. I have probably something closer to pneumonia. Nice. Lots of greenish goo coming out of my lungs. What is to blame, you ask? Hmmm, let me count the ways in which I made myself susceptible to said illness….

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Mel McQuaid reviews the Powertap SL MTB Disc

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By Melanie McQuaid

April 22, 2008 — For the last many years that I have trained, first as a mountain bike athlete and more recently as an off-road triathlete, with about 80 percent of my riding hours on a road bike. This came naturally, as I have always done my interval training using a power meter and up until 2008, I did not use a power meter on my mountain bike. The time I used to spend riding trails focused more on quality endurance and technical training.

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Up Next: Speaking With The Caveman

LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid

Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 06:00 PM
The Proud Bird banquet center
11022 Aviation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045



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Ocean Weasel (aka Sea Otter Classic) Part Two

Well the start of the race weekend was looking promising. I knew the week coming to Sea Otter that the little switch that goes off when you transition from sluggish winter training to some “snap” for racing had actually… well, switched so I knew I was going to do some racing. As opposed to just some hard riding trying not to be dropped which I had done in the weeks before. I focused on one day at a time with a different strategy for each race with some true highlights and some absolute lowlights….

Photo from Short Track by Linda Sue Amundson

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Ocean Weasel Part One

This week I have been down in Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic, a multi day all things cycling festival held at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey California. I have done this race almost every year and it has had a few different iterations but really, it is mostly the same format. Gone is the time trial however, and the stage race format, so this year year I am only racing the short track and the cross country on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I have been in California since Tuesday, however, so there have been a few things to do before the actual racing starts so read on for the week of pre race activity….

Bicycling Magazine ride in Pacific Grove

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Simply STU Interview

Here is an interview I did with my friend Simply Stu for you to enjoy. Click play, Enjoy!


Life Lessons And Church On Whidbey Island

I was lucky enough to join my friends from Nature’s Path at the Whidbey Island marathon event this weekend on Whidbey Island, an island beside Anacortes in Washington State. The very cool thing about this event is that it is “GREEN” to the core, which fits perfectly with the ideals of Nature’s Path as a company and makes me feel very good to be a part of it. It was fun to speak to a diverse group of runners, most of which were not at their first half or full marathon. However, the day I flew down to Whidbey I had to learn a life lesson courtesy of the universe, so that story first….

The super custom that got me in trouble.. even BOOTIES!!!!

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NMBS #2 – NOVA Stage Race Arizona

Tenth is much better than twentieth… but it came at the expense of the entire contingent of talented Canadian women mountain bikers. I am SO sorry for stealing your points girls… there was a non-Canadian right behind me! The cross country was a tough race to keep tires inflated… so there was quite a bit of carnage in Sunday’s race. Not me, choosing the Maxxis Larson TT UST and Crossmark UST tires seemed to work very well. My problems all happened BEFORE the race and were handily solved by the time the gun went off. Read on for the story of Mel’s weekend…

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