Fontana NMBS #1 Season Opening Report

Well the race didn’t go how I had hoped but unfortunately it did go somewhat as expected. This was a low priority event that I placed in my schedule for "training", while many mountain bike girls use these NMBS events as key events for points. The difference is obvious when you look at what I was capable of doing this early in the season and some of the amazing form being displayed by the other girls right now. My New Year’s Resolution was to enjoy every race, good ones and bad ones, so I will never again take for granted what I am so fortunate to be doing. So without further ado, here is the story of my first races of the season….


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Kicking Off The 2008 Season

The season is one day away from beginning… I will be racing the first of the US National Mountain Bike Series events tomorrow in Fontana, CA. This is my first time at this event which, now that I have pre rode the course, is crazy! This race course is VERY similar to our event in Temecula, which I was unaware of, so this is even better preparation than I thought. Very cool. Ross has joined me down here in Southern California for a week of fun times in Palm Springs and Arizona and he will also be my mechanic/feed zone person/personal cheerleader while he is here…

Ross enjoying a WARM March evening at our adopted Palm Springs home

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Women – Know Your Limits

My friend Kirsten sent me this to remind me to always “Know My Limits”


Right now I am in the process of pushing them somewhat, physically. More on that in our next post…..

Message for Jamie

I made this little montage as a tribute to my competitor who has pushed me the hardest, Jamie Whitmore. As some people have heard, she is having some serious medical problems right now and you can wish her well on her website at Although Jamie and I chose to be fierce competitors rather than the best of friends, I have always admired and respected Jamie for her consistency, tenacity and frankly, her ability. I sincerely hope she makes it back on the tour this year because it won’t be the same without her. Here’s a picture story of the battles we have had and an inspiration for those we have in the future!




Welcome The Shiver to the BMC Family

This is much better camera work than my last post! This video is pretty long but it is a good look at the Shiver for 2008. I was riding singletrack beside a road while Marty the master cameraman zoomed beside me in a top down Mustang driven by Scott… so without further ado and featuring the beautiful BMC Shiver..enjoy the show..


Mel’s New Sense Travel Companions

No longer will TSA steal my face products.

Given I use eye cream like chapstick now this is the BEST thing ever! Thanks USANA….

Product Testing A Powertap on the BMC Shiver (and a Fourstroke for Ross)

This is a shoutout to all of my poor friends stuck in central Canada under 50 centimeters of new snow.

Luckily only a few spring flowers are visible at this time of the year because otherwise, the mix of green and bright spring yellow and purple would be truly blinding .

Yes, smugness over the weather is a prerequisite for living on the Westcoast of Canada.

Enjoy… this is a crap video we took with my camera on a ride this past weekend. Victoria is the best!

The top section of “Fun Trail”


Another section… both of which are much scarier from the top looking down:


And Ross, riding a section while I took a crappy video, with his wrecked shoulder but still having fun:


How often does stopping to take video of how cool the terrain you are training on happen in road triathlon? Reason # 8,456 why I think XTERRA is so much cooler than Ironman or ITU. Sorry SQW… it is the truth…although both Ross and I still think you are awesome.