The HOMEstay Shoutouts

While I sit on the couch feeling miserable, it is soothing to reminisce the better days of activity, racing and the company of good friends. One of the best parts of racing is travelling to the corners of the Earth visiting friends from different walks of life.

In general, these people all share our love for triathlon. What is great is all the other common interests I have learned and shared this past season. Without further ado, here is my thank you list and shout out to my homestays for 2007….

Cruikshank and pregnant Dana join us for post-Maui bevvies in the hot tub

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Down for the count

The first cycling training camp of the season went quite well. I actually felt myself getting fitter each day as I piled on about 22 hours of cycling in five days. However, tis the season for social engagements as well. So after my lovely 26 hour week (including swimming but not including 3 hours of plyometrics and a yoga class) I went to Ross’s staff party. A 3 am bedtime was not part of the proper training protocol so my post-camp week has been pretty awful……


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Fun In The Offseason

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Fun in the off-season

By Melanie McQuaid

Dec. 10, 2007 — November and December are finicky months. Here in Victoria we can get anything from torrential downpours, to 60mph winds, to gorgeous, blinding sun. What we do not have is snow — ever (well, maybe for two days every four years). For some athletes living in Victoria, the temptation to keep training all year round is strong. However, too much training in November can lead to sluggish mid-summer results. Other athletes have no problem pushing triathlon activities to the back burner and find it difficult to get moving when the weather is gloomy. The sweet spot would be somewhere in between the two, where you are motivated to train but are “hurrying slowly” towards fitness by incorporating a variety of other activities. As we are not “snow” people, to get away from our favorite triathlon activities on a regular basis we need to find other fun things to. I think the two most popular winter activities for athletes in Victoria include riding cyclocross bikes and “run/hikes”.


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Winter Wonderland

Well we got our first dump of snow this past weekend and it was GORGEOUS. Again, Blackberry photos are not good but you will get the picture.

Unfortunately, the snow was followed by warm temperatures and a storm called The Pineapple Express. A wall of water fell from the sky, washing away all of the snow and creating a huge amount of floodwater. Nuts!

Plus we felt an earthquake last week. I got my preparation kit done yesterday

Well, here is one of the photos.. Read on to see a couple more…

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