Good Use Of Offseason Time

Besides some fun parties, I have been using my off season somewhat constructively as well. Number one is the technical mountain biking. In fact, I have done a very good job of scaring the crap out of myself on numerous occasions.

This particular line was worthy of a photo but word to the wise, Blackberry does not make a good camera . I am the yellow streak coming from the top of the rock.

Keep it rubber side down!

The Hat Party


Well the "off" training season was marked with the annual MelRoss party and this year the theme was HATS. Hilarious…. some funny photos with some of your favorite athletes …

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A recap of the 2007 season…

Well it is no secret that 2007 was not what I was looking for. A string of poor run splits since Temecula despite a season dedicated to improving my running has indicated some disconnect between training and results. Live and learn. Being a self coached athlete, I was convinced that it would eventually come around but unfortunately, it did not. Hawaii was not my finest performance in an athletic sense but I am certain it was great from a mental perspective. I was positive throughout the entire day despite how I was feeling and I am proud of how deep I dug in to hold onto second place. Truly that was the best I had on that day and even if I am not happy with it, I have to be satisfied with that. I am certain that no one has seen the best of me for an entire season and yet I was second at the World Championships, second overall in the US series, won a national XTERRA championships, won Canadian offroad tri champs and took second in three other XTERRA national stops. Bad season? Hmmm, lets put it all in perspective.

The great thing about this year was the good times I had with my friends all over the United States. I met the most amazing, gracious, witty and fun people in Alabama, Virginia, Colorado, California, Utah, Nevada and Hawaii. Add to that all of the racers I enjoyed pre-riding with, sharing tips with and toeing the start line with and you have a season I can happily recount for years to come. Despite some struggles with my form I still have so much fun doing what I do. XTERRA is the best! I really look forward to this off season to recharge, regroup and refocus….

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2007 XTERRA Maui Highlights

A highlight reel from this year’s World Championships on Maui. Noticeably fewer crashes to report so if you were ever thinking of joining us on tour, this is a good video to watch.

Congratulations again to Conrad and Julie!

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Gu Interview with Holly Bennett in Maui

Holly Bennett and I sat down together over breakfast and did a little post-race interview. Definitely a bit "on the edge" of appropriate but somewhat funny nevertheless.

Now I am going to have Sam looking for a fictional rematch…..

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