XTERRA World Championships 2007 – Post Race Report

First off, thank you so much to all of you for sending me some incredible notes that were amusing, inspiring and entertaining. I love to hear from all of you and I appreciate every bit of support that went into this effort at Worlds. While it wasn’t what I wanted from my trip to Maui, I did do all I could to defend my 2006 title. Julie Dibens of Great Britain very clearly had a better day than any of us and her win was equally as dominant of mine from 2006. Ouch! That said, I congratulate her wholeheartedly and look forward to toeing the line next season when it is her turn to defend. I did fare a lot better than any of the other favorites for the Worlds this year in taking second place…..

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XTERRA World Championships Pre-race Report – The Highs and Lows

Second training update 10 days away from the big show on Maui….wondering if enough is enough?


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XTERRA Pro Tips: Bike and Tire Choice


Some tips from XTERRA pros on choices for Maui.. read on to view!

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XTERRA World Championships Pre-race Report – The PR

Well since the Iron-girls are all sending race week updates I figured I would start sending out at “wazzuuuup” as we head into the last days before the big showdown. This week, it is all about the PR……

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Pushing your limits

I found this story to be hugely inspiring for me. I know so many women like Nita who do not find their passion. They struggle with their self esteem, their weight and themselves because they find it hard to establish a goal and a purpose that allow them to really enjoy their lives. I think sport is such a great arena for everyone to start experiencing passion. No matter where you were athletically in your younger years it is never too late to decide you are an athlete. Once you have made that decision, you will find this athlete’s club is very inclusive and super rewarding, no matter what your actual times are!

Her story reminded me of how important passion is. In the elite wave, only a small percentage seperates the top women athletes yet many of them will never, ever have a chance of winning. That is because they don’t have the passion and the confidence to push themselves beyond their established limits. Nita got started in running and then smashed all barriers she had for herself to ensure that she could pursue her passion without limits. Passion also buoys you in the discouraging times. No matter what, eventually we will all have a bad race. The only thing preventing us from ever having a great race is not showing up to the start. I am stoked that I get to go and start again so soon!

I hope you enjoy the story. I think it has helped to motivate me to find a that level in Maui, free of limitations, which will push me in the direction of the greatest race I am capable of having. This is how you need to think if you want to achieve your potential as well. For Nita it is not about being the fastest. It is about being the best that she can be and doing everything she can with what she’s got. I only want to display everything I have in me on Maui. Make sure you do the same!!

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XTERRA US Championships – Luck is Dumb

Looking back at the chain of events that led to my worst performance in five years at the XTERRA US Championships in Incline Village, NV leaves me shaking my head. I believe that luck is mostly a matter of preparation but despite careful planning and attention to detail I ended up sick on race day. This season has been frustrating to say the least. This picture says it all… read on for the story.


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