Ogden XTERRA – Learning Lessons

The Ogden XTERRA was pivotal in the series as a loss for me would mean Jamie Whitmore would gain a huge advantage going into the finals. Despite my efforts, which may not have been my best, I came up short. All things happen for a reason and I took away some valuable lessons from this event.



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Fronting the TriHive Website

Check it out, www.trihive.com has me on their homepage! I went into one of the local bike stores, The Biker’s Edge, in 2006 to do a little talk and someone taped it and put it on YouTube.

If you are so over my story, like I am, skip to part 2. Part 2 I talk about Ogden, part one is just blah blah about Victoria, me, cycling blah blah….


The Aspen To Austin Crazy Weekend

This past weekend was pretty ambitious in terms of my commitments but in the end it was very successful on a number of levels. Finished well in the NMBS mountain bike race on Saturday and had a great morning with a software company in Austin….

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BLING from Lazer!

Thanks Lazer! My first ever diamond is presented to me in a helmet with a gold Melanie nameplate. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!