Coach Mel: Painless Transition To Training

Ho ho ho!  'Tis the season to start panicking about family engagements, Christmas shopping, lack of mileage and that extra piece of cake someone smuggled on to your plate.  I think a lot of people use Christmas as the final deadline for bad athletic behaviour before turning over a new leaf at 12:01am January 1st with newfound zest for training.  Unfortunately, only very highly tuned engines can go from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds and this is also true of the human body.  Laying off heavily for a month or two to then go back to a heavy workout regime to try to shed pounds and gain fitness in a matter of days is a recipe for injury and illness.  So, how do we get back to the lean, mean, powerful machines we were in late summer without multiple trips to the garage for repairs?  I will go over some of the details that are so often overlooked that should be implemented before heavy training is on the menu.

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