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Fun Times Racing In the Richmond Furnace

Another trip to good old Richmond, VA is marked by my semi annual visit to the medic tent … in fact, the medics welcomed me and reminisced about my antics in 2002 at this venue. That was first bout of heat exhaustion and unconsciousness where I took it as my first opportunity to puke on a sponsor when I ruined Kevin Tordoff’s shiny Saucony shoes. Carrie decided to steer clear of me this year. The end of the race involved Melanie toting the abominable snowman on her back for the last 3km of the run. Unfortunately, that was well after I had lost the race but insult to injury ensued with a turned ankle, some running road rash and probably some horrible photos of Melanie crumpling at the finish. I was pretty disappointed in general with my race in Richmond because again, my form just is not there and Jamie basically walloped me on the run. It was almost as ugly as Mickelson on the 18th hole. It is frustrating to me to have had this start to the season, when the plan was to be much faster now but what goes up must come down…. Maybe my timing will be all for the best when our big races are still to come. To fill everyone in on the math, with a win and two runner up finishes in the series, with two to go as long as I win one more of the races before Tahoe, the series is again going to come down to Tahoe.   That was NOT the plan but Jamie has basically been racing better than I and she is now a wafer thin 10 points ahead of me in the overall series. Back at it again this season I guess, the Mel and Jamie battle. The race was still fun because the bike course is fabulous, my homestay with Jay Paul was killer and I had a great time riding with some of the local women on their Tuesday night mountain bike ride. Stay tuned for more… Read more

Another not so live Update

8:32am – Out of the swim and on the bike:

  • Candy Angle
  • Jenea Pritchet
  • Melanie McQuaid
  • Jamie Whitmore
  • 8:33am – Mel 1 minute down Jamie another 30 seconds

    8:38am – No times mentioned

  • Candy Angle
  • Melanie McQuaid

  • Jamie Whitmore
  • 8:47am – 2/3 of the way throught the bike:
    Melanie is now in first place Jamie is in second, Candy third, no other info at the moment…

    8:48am – Men

  • Conrad Stoltz
  • Brent McMahon
  • Dominic Gillen
  • 9:27am – Melanie first out on run Jamie 1 minute back Candy another 4 minutes back

    9:43am – Men Final

  • Conrad Stoltz has won
  • Brent McMahon
  • 9:46am – Jamie has passed Melanie

    Final – Jamie whitmore wins by about 1 minute, Melanie 2nd, Candy 3rd

    Our Inaugural South East Championships in Pelham, Alabama

    This past weekend Xterra visited Alabama for our first ever South East Championships event. The venue was spectacular, the locals incredibly friendly and the result was exactly what I was looking for. A first place finish – which ties up the series going into Richmond. I have to say that Alabama was a difficult race for me. First because I wasn Read more

    Nissan Xterra South East Championship

    Not so live update, Nissan Xterra South East Championship

    Embarking on my Eastern Assault

    My three week road trip started with a trip back to good old Hardwood Hills for the third stop on the Canada Cup series tour in Barrie, Ontario, which is about an hour north of Toronto. Weather was cool on arrival and quickly deteriorated to major showers for the first few days of the weekend. I was staying with my friend Tara Ross Read more