My First European Win – Xterra Italy!!

If you only have one race per year to travel to, make it the Xterra in Italy. This race, which is on the island of Sardinia and the village of Villacidro, is the best race experience this year, and probably the best race experience ever for me, Maui 2003 included. I can?t actually say enough about how great the people in Sardinia are, how amazing the fans were, how beautiful the course was, or how great the parties before and after the race were. It was everything that Xterra is about, family, fun and excitement. Winning the race also helped me to appreciate this venue, but I won because I was just so happy to be there. It is a great confidence boost because I believe the course is a lot like the race on Maui and I had a convincing win, with all of the best girls there. I stayed with Roberta Pittaus family, and they were so warm, generous and friendly I felt like I was the new blonde sister of Roberta. It was really, really cool. My week in Sardinia was amazing, the race went really well, and the story is to follow?.. Read more

Xterra Eastern Europe – Czech Republic

Okay, no matter how many times I have travelled to Europe, the overseas thing always seems to squash me for a week or so. As I started to describe in the last report, I had three days of travel to get from Mt Saint Anne, Quebec, to Ottawa, to Toronto, to Heathrow, to Prague and then finally to Hluboka nad Vltavou. Luckily, Ross met me at Heathrow so my homesickness went away, but I was a little out of it from lack of sleep and travel fatigue. Needless to say, from my seventh place result, I was not feeling my best. I was consistent though, I had a bad swim, a bad bike and a bad run (really bad run!). It has been a long time since I have performed so poorly and it didn’t feel good at all. Renata Bucher, our new Swiss star, had an awesome race, running and biking her way into first place, and I am so happy for her to get her second win this season. Having said that, I am pretty motivated this week to perform much better here in Europe. Ross and I did have some fun in Czech Republic, but it was not without incident, and the story follows…. Read more

Racing With The Mountain Bike Girls, Part Three…

The last race of my three week mountain bike adventure was the Canadian Nationals in Mount Saint Anne, Quebec, which will now be known as Marie-Heleneville. It is really great how big a star she is in that area (and more and more, around the world) and just goes to show how important local support is. Mt Saint Anne is about 45km from Quebec City, and always offers mud, short climbs, and soem really gnarly trails, and this year, despite the warm weather, was all of the above. My goal for the race was a solid top five and that is what I did…. Read more

With A Rebel Yell, We Went For More, More, More….

This weekend was the polar opposite of last weekend. Instead of cold, muddy and rainy, we got super hot, humid and sandy in sunny Southern Ontario. I like the hot and sandy course at Hardwood Hills much better, and had a bit better weekend as a result, but still not what I was looking for. We had two races this past weekend. On Saturday I won the short track, which was a good start, but again on Sunday, I ended up going backwards on the last lap and ended up fourth. I had lots of problems during the day, and nearly dropped out had it not been for some great cheering from junior Emily Batty I would have stopped trying to fix my mechanical (I was about 100 metres from the start finish) so thanks for that! Marek Lazarski was also really great, one of the photographers, and he has been a great cheerleader the last two weeks! I am really frustrated from my last two cross country races, but I think these lessons I have been learning having races with adversity will help me be better at more important races this season. Regardless, I was looking forward to better results, but will be more hungry next weekend at the nationals as a result. Lots of funny things happened in Barrie (well, they are funny now) so to our weekend we go back?. Read more