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Tailored Coaching Options

Have you been racing for awhile and felt like you aren’t achieving your potential? Are you finding yourself working harder and going slower? Are you an experienced Ironman athlete looking to find new challenges off road? Do you feel like you know yourself but need motivation and support from a squad?

The MelRad Squad can unlock your potential.  Deciding the right mix of programming and coaching for you in choosing the tier level you want. There are three levels in the MelRad Racing squad.  Starting with customized monthly programs to levels of full time monitoring.  You decide how much one-on-one coaching time you need to guide your training.

Coaching is about helping athletes learn about themselves and what brings out their best performance. It’s a process of learning athletes’ abilities, needs, motivation, and skills.  The coach helps make decisions to guide programming.   Programming involves designing training schemes meant to challenge the body to adapt and improve over time.  

Athletes that achieve their potential learn to listen to their body and learn what works for them.  A coach is there to help them figure that out. A coach is most valuable when you engage their experience and decision making in determining the direction of your training and how to listen to your body.  The MelRad coaching menu here breaks down how much coaching you want to engage in.

Every program is built based on extensive coaching experience and is designed to bring the best out of every athlete.  The difference lies in how often you want to offload or share decision making with a coach, how much time you want to invest in communication with Melanie figuring out what is best for you and how much customization of your program you want and need.

Why MelRad?

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential​

Melrad Squad Membership Options

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Not Ready for 1 on 1?

Try our weekly Mobility class or self-directed video coaching!

Monday Mobility Class

Livestream classes focused on myofascial release, stabalization and flexibility.

Coaching on Demand

Follow along with Mel with coaching videos in the time and place that suit you best.