Train for YOUR rad life

One Coach.
Comprehensive training prescription.


The MelRad coaching philosophy is helping athletes uncover their rad potential and using that experience to shape habits, decisions, and experiences FOR LIFE.  This isn’t a short term, all or nothing, one and done approach.  This is your best athlete self forever.

Training decisions are made with this over-arching philosophy:  consistency, skill development and progressive loading over time. 

Pairing sport specific stimulus with strength, mental skills and race nutrition is important. These need to be tailored to the individual.  It is best if all come from ONE coach.  

The MelRad One on One program includes both Monday Mobility weekly coached livestream session and Coaching On Demand.  These videos demonstrating the strength routines and sport-specific technical drills in the training program support remote athlete-coach communication.  The MelRad philosophy is building a foundation of technical proficiency and strength endurance and that philosophy is supported via Coaching On Demand and Monday Mobility class.

One coach, one program and one methodology.  This is all-inclusive training.  You can, of course, CHOOSE to have more than one coach, but you do not NEED any other coaches.

MelRad Racing Squad


Not Ready for 1 on 1?

Incorporate our weekly Monday Mobility Livestream class, try a PLAN, or add self-directed video coaching to your training!



Every MelRad program is built based on extensive coaching experience and is designed to bring the best out of every athlete.  Through 1-on-1 coaching, Monday Mobility and Coaching On Demand, MelRad Racing is a comprehensive program to help you be your best.

MelRad Racing Self Directed


$120 USD/session

improve physical mobility with MelRad Coaching

Rad Athleticism Class

Livestream classes focused on skill development, mobility, specific strength, myofascial release, stabilization and flexibility.

coaching for gravel racing MelRad


Self-directed training following the MelRad Philosophy in an 8 to 12-week training plan

strength training for triathlon with MelRad Coaching

Coaching on Demand

Follow along with Mel with coaching videos in the time and place that suit you best.