Train for a rad life

If your rad life involves some goal setting, sweating and no fun-fun physical exertion:  this is the squad for you.

Melanie McQuaid podium IM Chattanooga

Coach Mel's Philosophy

Welcome to MelRad

Train for a rad life with MelRad Racing Squad

What does it mean to TRAIN FOR A RAD LIFE?

Some of our squad aim at crushing big goals.  Others are winning at living their best life. The recipe is a combination of doing both! 

Bring energy and enthusiasm and let MelRad Racing amplify it exponentially.  You can make the result and life you dream of a reality.

With MelRad, all of your coaching needs are covered:  sport specific programming, supplemental strength, skills, mobility and technique.  The MelRad program offers camps, livestream classes, on-demand video support and personalized prescriptive training guiding you to your best season possible.

Coaching Options

Book a consultation with Melanie McQuaid

Book a Consultation

Book time to customize a training plan or strategize your self-coaching. This is a great option for athletes who largely want to monitor their own training but want to feel confident they are headed in the right direction. Use Coach Mel as your sounding board for your training ideas.

Coaching with World Champion Melanie McQuaid

One on One Coaching

Comprehensive preparation that doesn't miss that training should be FUN! With experience at the highest level of mountain biking, road racing, ITU, XTERRA, Ironman, and trail racing, MelRAD can prepare you for any endurance challenge you have in mind.

strength training for triathlon with MelRad Coaching

Monday Mobility+
Coaching On Demand

Livestream Classes and On Demand video for enhancing mobility, coordination, athletic training and skills. All of your supporting training needs are included in your programming. Both the livestream class and the Coaching on Demand library are available to self-coached athletes.

MelRad Plans

MelRad 8-12 Week can be customized to your fitness and time availability by combining with a consultation! Scalable to your current level of fitness, flexible on days you have to train and include strength training. Whether it is off-season, pre-season or race season there is a plan for you.


One coach.  Comprehensive programming.

Triathlon is ONE sport with three disciplines.  Ideally strength work, technical training and supplemental training like mobility are included to promote regeneration and long term tissue health.  It is a lot to juggle yourself and trying to get 5 different coaches to program well together is next to impossible if you are not an elite.

MelRad Coaching is full service coaching with one experienced professional coach advising all of your training to find your rad potential.

Strength, cycling, swimming, running and technical work.  Years of experience working with athletes of all ages specializing in those over 40 from hobby athletes to World Champions.

Train for your rad life with MelRad Coaching:  ONE coach.  Comprehensive programming.

coaching for gravel racing MelRad

Coaching Successes

What Athletes that Work with Me Say

I came to the triathlon scene with little biking and running experience and no prior swim experience. Melanie coached me from the bottom 20% of my age group to standing on the podium in 3 seasons with her coaching style that I understand. I live in Ontario with lots of local coaches to work with near me but I choose to work with Melanie in British Columbia.
Jason Pace
IM Athlete
Melanie has changed me as an athlete. I used to be content to “exercise” a lot and race by looking around and enjoying the scenery. She taught me to find the fierceness in working hard, the enjoyment in racing hard, and that it is pretty damn fun to get on the podium. She has made me see the value in being a balanced triathlete instead of relying on strengths. She also understands balancing a stressful job with training.
Alison Keple
IM Athlete/Gravel Diva
I’ve been coached for two seasons of XC mountain biking and XTERRA with Melanie. During that time I have gone from a “middle of the pack” XTERRA competitior to placing 6th OA amateur and 2nd in the 30-34 AG at the 2010 XTERRA World Championships finally to ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion. Melanie structured a program that balanced my work and home life with my desire to reach the highest possible level in sport.
Fred Smith
XTERRA Athlete
Having Mel as my coach this season was an incredible experience! As she states on her coaching page "if you want to put in the work, I will show you the way" and she did that plus much much more! She delivered me a detailed tailored training program. I found that she was constantly tweaking and updating my program to find a healthy, realistic balance between my work and home life yet pushing me to be my very best in all my athletic endeavors.
Patrick Nesbitt
Mountain Bike/XTERRA Athlete

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